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Favorite Sounds

Favorite sounds

Hey lovelies!!!

I hope your weekend was a wonderful one, and that you got to enjoy every bit of it. Now, there are great five days ahead of us. Get ready to make them great ones!

I wanted to take a moment and share with you all a sweet list of my favorite sounds. Hope you enjoy reading about them, as much as I’ve enjoyed making this list.

My all-time favorite sounds:

  1. The sound of a baby/child’s laughter. It brings so much joy to my heart.
  2. Waves crashing into each other, soothing and relaxing.
  3. Sizzling bacon in the frying pan on a Saturday morning.
  4. The sound of raindrops falling on my window.
  5. The first piano chords of a beautiful song.
  6. Human Nature (Michael Jackson)
  7. The beautiful sound of coffee brewing.
  8. The strumming of an Acoustic Guitar.
  9. Birds chirping early in the morning.
  10. Backstreet Boys singing a-cappella, specially Alex Mclean’s voice raspy soulful voice.
  11. The Coqui’s singing at night. (If you were born and raised in Puerto Rico, you know what I’m talking about.)
  12. The Funk Brothers entire music catalog. (Look them up!)
  13. Yes, no noise around. (We all need one of those days)
  14. Sizzling sweet noise of fried chicken in the frying pan.
  15. The whistling of a favorite song.

Well, there you had it. My top 15 favorite sounds out of others I might not remember at the moment. 🙂

I would love to know, What is your favorite sound? Do you have a list?

Love. Create. Inspire ❤



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