A new dawn and a new day: Hello August!!!

Wonderful Things Ahead by Yash Photography
…”It’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling gooood.” *cue amazing live instruments* 

Life is filled with new beginnings, adventures meant for us to discover new meanings. And definitely, today is not an exception. I am more than grateful to my Lord and Savior.  Who not only hears my prayers but answers on His own godly time-frame (Kairos). Which is amazingly different than ours (Cronos) . I have learn to wait, on His time alone, and although the process hasn’t been easy (nothing u in life is ), its result is worth the while. 

Today, I took the liberty to reset my life in a professional matter. Starting over at a new job always comes with that first day of school feeling (High School lunch cafeteria anyone?) of not knowing what to do or where to go. But that’s completely normal. It is a quality that we all share. It’s up to us if we let our feelings take over our actions, or start acting above and beyond them. 

It is so refreshing to meet with and relate to other people. Let it be at the workplace, church, classroom or a beautiful open space.To live in a new light each day. Don’t be afraid of change. It should and it will happen. Again, it’s all about (that first step) how we react. 

Walking with confidence and faith throughout these wonderful days, this month brings and the Lord permits.

Create.LoVe. Inspire ✼


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